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Ordinary Healing is building a community in New York City and beyond grounded in anti-oppressive and holistic healing practices. If you are clinician or holistic, traditional, or somatic healer and are interested in joining us on this journey, sign up with your information below to get updates.

In particular let us know if you are interested in joining our two current efforts:

  1. Opening an Anti- Racist Healing Cooperative in Manhattan:

    • We are seeking clinicians and holistic healers to join a cooperatively owned practice that combines spaces for artistic creation, movement-based work, and traditional therapy space. Those seeking to join the practice must be licensed to practice independently in New York and be locally based.

  2. Group Supervision for Clinicians:

    • For those seeking supervision hours towards state licensing: We are working to put together one or more weekly group supervisions for clinicians who are dedicated to anti-oppressive and anti-racist practice. Scheduled to begin Summer 2019 (exact start dates will depend on group registration.)

We are also interested in supporting you, so feel free to let us know about events, efforts, and ideas you have that need support!


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