It’s not just about creativity, it’s about the person you’re becoming while you’re creating.
— Charlie Peacock

ORDINARY HEALING provides workshops, therapy and consultations to individuals, organizations and groups which integrate art, music and movement therapies, Hip Hop therapies, breathing and mindfulness practices, spiritual practice, and/or traditional talk-therapy.  


At Ordinary Healing we know that taking the steps towards positive change look different for each individual.

We also know that coping with issues of anxiety, trauma,  chronic-stress, and grief can come in many different forms.

Despite most therapists' reliance on traditional talk-therapy alone, evidence shows the use of breathing techniques, singing, movement, writing, and even rapping can be just as effective as  traditionally therapy at providing relief (if not more effective!).  Ordinary Healing integrates these elements and more to bring you a creative therapeutic experience catered to you- whether it's at your business or organization, or in the comfort of your own home.  

What to expect: 



Get individualized support by booking home-based or office sessions with licensed clinician, Chantelle Doswell, LCSW. 

Phase 1: Consultation & Planning
We work with you to assess your goals and how to best reach them. We will discuss personal preferences to determine what type of activities might appeal and be most effective for you- writing? EMDR? rap? deep breathing? Create the perfect personalized experience. 


  Phase 2: Integrated Sessions

After consultation, an overview of your consultation and plan will be sent to you for your review. Then, we will schedule a one-time session or create a meeting schedule based on your plan. We provide 1-time, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly sessions. Sessions are offered at a sliding scale for convenience. 

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While we are currently unable to accept payments directly from health insurance providers, your sessions may be up to 100% reimbursable through your insurance or employee benefit plan. Click here to find out more. 


Bring us to your school, organization or workplace!   

Phase 1: Consultation-

We work with you to assess what your goals are and how to best reach them. We will discuss personal preferences to determine what type of activities might appeal and be most effective for your audience- hands-on activities? writing? rap? Collaborate with us to create the perfect personalized experience. 

Phase 2: Workshop Selection- 

After consultation, an overview of the workshop content will be sent to you for your review. At this time, we will schedule a time (or times) with you for your workshop(s). We can provide 1-time or monthly workshops based on your needs and budget.

Phase 3: Your Personalized Healing Experience-

Finally, we come to you and complete a 1-3 hour personalized workshop based on your goals and preferences for activity type (decided at workshop selection).  


Please note we are also available for one-time phone and in-person consultations (see contact page)

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